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I'll be attending, can take note.  I got this notice about an EU workshop this morning, it looks like we should have a representative there to raise awareness about our project:

 Demonstrating Conformance with    eAccessibility Requirements in ICT Products and Services International    Workshop -    Monday 27 March 2006, European Commission Premises, Charlemagne building, Rue    de la Loi 170, 1040 Brussels.How can a disabled or elderly consumer choose and purchase    accessible products and services with confidence? There is clearly a need for    suppliers to be able to demonstrate that their offerings conform to the    requirements of disabled people, but there are differing views on how this can    best be achieved. There are many questions that need to be discussed if    consensus is to be reached in Europe and elsewhere.
You are invited to a major international workshop to    stimulate constructive debate between consumers and producers about how    conformance can be demonstrated. This will cover issues such as what do key    stakeholders need and what can be learnt from experiences in other    areas.
A  brief description of the workshop (giving an    overview of the aims and issues) and the latest agenda for the day can be    found at
 I look forward to meeting you and your readers for    this challenging event in Brussels in March. 
Yours    truly 
Ima Placencia 

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