[Accessibility] alphaWorks : Magnification Composite Manager

Olaf Jan Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sat Feb 4 04:04:39 PST 2006

[ Peter Korn ]
> Why isn't this simply part of the GNOME CVS repository (like ATSPI and
> Gnopernicus and Orca and...)?

On the one hand, I wonder whether the freedesktop.org repository would be a 
more appropriate place for the AT-SPI IDL and for the magnifier if it is 
intended to be cross-platform. On the other hand, KDE already depends on a 
few cross-toolkit libraries that are hosted in Gnome CVS. Most KDE developers 
are pragmatists.

We plan to use a composite-based magnifier for KMagnifier in KDE4. But Gunnar 
is working on his own composition-based magnifier as for his diploma thesis, 
which will have a different feature set and also allow for frontends for KDE 
and Gnome. Having two magnifiers in freedesktop.org CVS seems to be a bit 
much. So I don't really care where the IBM magnifier is hosted, and long as 
both magnifiers can work with all desktops without pulling in extra 
dependencies. And as long as Peter does not imply that everything 
accessibility related is in Gnome CVS.


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